Tell Gov. DeWine that there is still house to clean at the PUCO

 More than four months after the FBI raid on Sam Randazzo’s home and his subsequent resignation from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine has selected former Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Jenifer French as his replacement and new Commission Chair. Thousands of Ohioan spent those months calling on Governor DeWine to appoint someone who could offer Ohio a fresh start, not a rubber stamp for utilities. Someone who had no financial ties to the same utilities they would be charged with regulating. Someone who was ready to put Ohio consumers first.
While it is disappointing that Governor DeWine rejected those with consumer advocacy experience earlier in this process, we now call Ms. French to demonstrate a dedication to increasing equity, fairness, and access to services at the community level at a time when corruption has been winning the day in Ohio. 

 We call on newly selected PUCO Chair Jenifer French to start her role by cleaning house.
Remove the final vestige of the Householder and Randazzo era at the PUCO. Replace the current PUCO legislative and policy director who has ties to FirstEnergy and begin restoring confidence in the state’s regulatory process.

 Because Ohioans are STILL watching.